Grab your cameras and get hiking, adventurers! Explore Worldwide (despite the similar name, not affiliated with explore magazine) has released the results of their study on the top photographed trails, which examines over 500 popular walking locations around the world. Using the “walking trail” and “hiking trail” tags on stock photos, they’ve determined the top 10 most photographed trails in the world as well as the top three in Canada. Here are the results of their study.

The top spot in this list belongs to GR20, located in Corsica, France. This trail makes the summit of this list with a total image count of 45,187. Subsequent trails in this list are the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal, The Westweg in Germany and Camino de Santiago in Spain.  


The most photographed trail in Canada, which also takes the eighth spot in the world’s top 10, is Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail. Spanning 75 kilometres, this bucket-list, multi-day hike in British Columbia is sure to eat up your phone’s storage with all the photos you’ll be taking. The West Coast Trail’s storied history of being used for trade and travel by first nations has become part of the draw that brings so many people to this spot.

As stunning as this trail may be, there are still many obstacles that shouldn’t be overlooked. Weather, terrain and mental fortitude are a few of the challenges hikers may face when attempting this trek. Those who embark on this trail will encounter over 100 ladders to climb, heavy rain and winds, deep mud and fast-flowing currents—all with a heavy pack on their backs. However, much like climbing a mountain, the journey is ever as impressive as the ending.


The next most photographed trail in Canada can be found near Hamilton, Ontario. With the main trail totalling over 900 kilometres, the Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath. This trail is home to multiple ways to experience the Niagara Escarpment, whether that’s through hiking trails, pebbled beaches or scenic views. The trail can be broken down into multiple smaller, bite-sized hikes, or visitors can use the 450 kilometres worth of side trails.  


Long Range Traverse in Gros Morne National Park takes the final spot for the top three most photographed trails in Canada. Spanning 35 kilometres and taking an average of three to four days to complete, this trail takes visitors through Western Brook Pond, the Long Range Mountains and Ferry Gulch. There are five campsites scattered across the trail to help hikers determine the route.

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