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Singer/songwriter Jerry Vandiver has a new collection of paddling songs outPaddle On—and it is awesome!

All 10 songs have Jerry’s regular country twang, but with a twist. This time he’s taken a different approach with instrumentals—instead of the regular session musicians he’s used in his Nashville studio on past albums, Jerry has fiddler Amberly Rosen and bass Ashleigh Caudill adding to his guitar and lyrics (with one exception of an accordion in “The Bear Barrel Polka”).

It’s simpler, but it works to perfection; Amberly’s fiddling is amazing, and just cause for Jerry’s song "Pay the Fiddle Player."

Paddle On is a more fun collection than serious. There’s "The Milky Way Waltz" and "This Quiet Place" that highlights the beauty and solace one gets while paddling in the wilderness, but song such as "She’s in A Kayak" and especially "Kevlar is Light" are definitely a whimsical look at the paddling culture:

I paddled for years with Aluminium

Struggled to get those portages done

Picked up my permit one summer night

Outfitter told me Kevlar is light


Kevlar is light, Kevlar is light

No more straining with all my might

Hernia won’t send me home the second night

Praise DuPont Kevlar is light

My favourite song is definitely "Canoeing With Daddy." I’m a bit biased of course; my daughter wrote the song with Jerry. What a huge honour.

Kyla performed together with Jerry’s band last year at Canoecopia and the audience loved it. It’s nine-year-old Ava Delgado from Nashville that sings the song on the album, and she’s a superstar—a least that’s what my daughter said when she heard the song from the album the very first time.

Once again Jerry, you hit a home run!

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