Has the outdoor magazine world changed? How about the content and the content creators? What better person to ask than David Webb, editor-in-chief of explore. I recently chatted with him during one of my KCHappyCamper YouTube Whisky Fireside Chats and got some fantastic insight.

David Webb exploring the outdoorsDavid Webb

Dave has been an outdoor writer ever since he could scribe his thoughts down with paper and crayon. He’s been in the outdoor magazine business for over twenty years and with for explore for the last ten. He’s seen a lot of changes, especially with the format. Social media, websites, videos, podcasts and more have spread the word out to a lot more people than a couple of decades ago. Dave stated, “We have an internal joke at Explore… the good news at Explore is that we are multi-channel, and the bad news is that we are multi-channel.”

adventure outdoors editorDavid Webb

There are more opportunities to get the message out there, for sure. But Dave also has a tough job managing all the extra content and worries, at times, they are diluting the market.

The opportunity, however, outshines the overwhelming part of it all. Check out my KCHappyCamper YouTube Whisky Fireside Chat to get the details on this subject and a whole bunch more. It was a very insightful interview, especially if you’re a new writer in the outdoor world.