My family members are scattered about the province of Ontario, Canada, which means a lot of travelling during the holidays. When I’m driving through snow squalls and traffic jams, I tend to calm my nerves and pass the time by listening to outdoorsy podcasts. Of course, I have my favourite YouTube-style podcasts I watch at home, like CanoeHound Adventures or Raindance Bushcraft. I also listen to American podcasts like The Camping Show, hosted by C.W. Goetz Outdoors, and The DirtBag Diaries, which is the most tried and true podcast out there. It’s been around since 2007 and is perfect for paddlers, backpackers and all outdoor dreamers.

Here are a few of my favourite Canadian “listening-in” podcast-style shows to push play on and catch a whimsical tale of misadventure or learn a new camping hack.


Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast

Explore Magazine's Live the Adventure PodcastExplore Magazine's Live the Adventure Podcast

It’s essential that I make mention of explore’s own podcast. My reasoning is not that the magazine editor and host of the podcast, David Webb, would shun me for life if I didn’t. I’m mentioning it because it’s one darn good podcast. Dave’s a great interviewer; a good conversationist. This is also a Canadian-focused show, which is something I really enjoy. Dave covers a great range of ideas and some amazing guests. The episodes featuring Frank Wolf, Colin Angus and Dianne Whelan shouldn’t be missed.

Listen here


Paddling Adventures Radio

Paddling Adventures RadioPaddling Adventures Radio

Sean Rowley and Derek Specht are two committed podcasters determined to spread the cheer of spending time in the Great Outdoors. They’re closing in on their 400th episode. The hosts cover canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), rafting, whitewater paddling and wilderness tripping. It’s full of solid news, interviews and information for the paddling community—with a whole lot of banter between the hosts (and guests) mixed in for fun.

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The Canadian Bushcraft Podcast

The Canadian Bushcraft PodcastThe Canadian Bushcraft Podcast

Caleb Musgrave is a well-respected Anishinaabe wilderness survival instructor. His storytelling is captivating and throughout his show, he shares his experiences in the Canadian backcountry. The best part is Caleb’s unique guests and the topics they bring to the microphone: seasonal foraging, backcountry gear discussions, lessons in hunting and survival, Indigenous land philosophies, medicinal herbs and much more. Caleb also adds his personal views of his love for and relationship with the land.

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Super Good Camping Podcast

Super Good Camping PodcastSuper Good Camping Podcast

The hosts, Pamela and Tim Good, have a calming effect to this conversational style show. I like that. Their goal is to inspire families from green horn newbies to seasoned wilderness travellers to get outdoors more. Guests and hosts share family camp meal recipes and cool camp tips and tricks on keeping the kids engaged while you’re out there. It’s an enthusiastic, fun, family show.

Listen here


Fish’n Canada’s Outdoor Journal Show

Fish’n Canada’s Outdoor Journal ShowFish’n Canada’s Outdoor Journal Show

Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman have been one of Canada’s favourites fishing television show hosts for countless years. Now they have a podcast titled the Outdoor Journal, and it’s not just about bass boats and fishing tackle. They touch on countless outdoor topics and have some incredible guests—and a few debates to keep things interesting.

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