Winter Camping
Credit: Kevin Callan

I’ve always praised the value of merino wool to keep you warm and dry.

I prefer the brand WoolPower—and for good reason. This brand offers an excellent high-performance thermal layering system. The material is a combination of polyester (to maximize wear resistance) and fine merino wool (a soft and crimpy wool, perfect for wearing next to the skin). It also holds up to 80 per cent air, an excellent way to trap body heat. The key ingredient is that the permeable material also allows body moisture to escape, keeping you dry and toasty warm. This winter I’ve combined a base layer Crewneck 200 with a mid-layer Zip Turtleneck 400. The merger was perfect. 

Check out my latest video for more detailed information on why merino works. Tim Foley (friend, trip partner and the owner of Canadian Outdoor Equipment Store) gives a perfect break down of why wool is amazing for winter camping.

Watch the Video Here: