Portage Ontario is a non-profit organization that helps youth overcome substance abuse and addiction. They chose “portage” as the name of the organization as a symbol of the rehabilitation process: “Portage: Finding a pathway around an obstacle in order to continue the journey.”

The organization just launched a unique fundraising program called The Great Portage where, during the months of July and August, participants fundraise and challenge themselves while in the backcountry to help create awareness and support for youth suffering from mental health and substance dependencies.

The event has various portage challenges and lots of cool prizes.

The Great PortageThe Great Portage

LONGEST PORTAGE: This one is simple. Record your longest portage this summer for a chance to win prizes. Snap a photo of yourself at the beginning and end of your portage. Photos must include the distance travelled. Send Portage Ontario your route. The winner will receive a gift certificate for a laser engraved cherry paddle, value of $325.


NUMBER OF PORTAGES: Log your portages throughout the summer, snap photos and submit your total at the end of the season. Make sure to include the lake or river you started your portage, lake or river you ended your portage, and the date you completed it.

The Great PortageThe Great Portage

NUMBER OF ONTARIO PARKS VISITED: Visit an Ontario Park for the day or stay for a few. Make a list and submit the date, park name and include a photo of your receipt.


FAMILY SCAVENGER HUNT: Scavenger hunts can be more than just a great way to keep your kids busy this summer! They also build critical thinking skills and help families build special memories. Create a family scavenger hunt and submit for photos to win.


All submissions must be sent to amaginnis@portage.ca by 11:59 pm September 10, 2022.

To win in a participating challenge, you must be registered for The Great Portage.

The Great PortageThe Great Portage

Only one person needs be registered for The Great Portage to participate in the Family Scavenger Hunt.

All winners will be announced live on Portage Ontario's Facebook page September 14, 2022.