Kevin Callan
Credit: Kevin Callan

I just picked up the new S.O.L (Survive Outdoors Longer) All Season Blanket. It’s definitely going to come in handy for all my upcoming foul-weather spring trips.

I usually pack an S.O.L Escape Bivy Bag to add to my sleeping system in case the nighttime temperature drops. The All Season Blanket is a bit heavier, however (454 grams). It can also be folded out and used as a ground tarp for the inside of my tent (213 cm x 151 cm). That’s a huge perk. It’s pretty durable, made of polyethylene and a tough laminate fiber. It also has a vaporized, aluminized coating that reflects radiated body heat. And it’s priced at only $22.


Beyond being used as a tent floor or extra layer in your sleeping bag, this multi-purpose thermal blanket can be packed away and used as an emergency blanket to battle hypothermia—a real danger during the shoulder season—or rigged into a shelter system. The blanket is waterproof and comes equipped with four metal grommets and reinforced edges. The grommets are solid. I set up a makeshift shelter in my backyard on a crazy windy day and there was no sign of wear and tear. It’s definitely not going to shred like Mylar blankets.


The extra bonus of the All Season Blanket is that the outside layer is a highly visible bright orange colour, making you easier to spot by search and rescue—an extra I hope I’ll never need.

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