Frank Wolf
Credit: Frank Wolf

Get ready for another Frank Wolf masterpiece: Wild Ones. This time, the noted explorer and filmmaker travels with musician Peirson Ross, who released a new album—also entitled Wild Ones. What makes this beyond special is that Ross and Frank went on tour by way of canoe. The 750-kilometre journey takes them from Frank’s cottage on Georgian Bay to the city of Ottawa for a final concert on Canada Day. A mixed bag of venues—bars, lodges, friends’ cottages, rafting operators—blend in with portages, upstream dragging, wild rapids and bugs… lots of bugs.

I find this film refreshing. I love Frank’s work. It’s always engaging. His latest adventure, however, is beyond what he’s done before. I like that. You get to witness the usual charismatic Frank we’ve gotten to know through his insane northern canoe expeditions. At the same time, however, he introduces a new angle by focusing on Ross—a musician used to late nights and fast food. The trip through the wilderness transforms Ross, purifying him and the music he plays.

Click the links below and check out Frank’s film—and check out Ross’s album. Both are a pure delight.

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