My editor and book designer for my latest project Another Bend in the River: The Happy Camper’s Memoir are just finishing up the project and the book should be released soon. In the meantime, I sent out some sample chapters to some colleagues, friends and fellow writers and I got some incredible replies—a lot of incredible replies. I’m so honoured to be connected to so many incredible people.

Here are a few of the pre-book reviews:

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"Kevin is a master at using personal connections to help people have fun outdoors—and this may be his best example yet. Not only is this book full of outdoorsy tips, but it weaves an engaging narrative detailing Kevin's personal journey that is candid and revealing."

—David Webb, editor, Explore Magazine


“This lockdown lit’ is vintage Happy Camper. The sights, sounds and sensations of wilderness. Rollicking trail tales brimming with positivity.”

—James Raffan, author of Bark, Skin and Cedar: Exploring the Canoe in Canadian Experience


“Lyrical, honest, and interwoven with Callan’s delightful brand of humour, Another Bend in the River is an instant classic. The memoir takes us on an intimate journey through a Walden-esque life, drawing us in with stories that entertain while also infusing us with Callan’s love of nature and how integral these wild places are to the health and happiness of us all.”

—Frank Wolf, filmmaker and author of Lines on a Map: Unparalleled Adventures in Modern Exploration


“Peek behind the curtain and get to know the man behind The Happy Camper moniker in Another Bend in The River. Told with Kevin Callan’s trademark humour and flair for finding misadventure, this memoir is a vivid, honest and often funny paddle through the rivers Callan has loved, the life-changing impressions they made, and a testament to the healing power of the wilderness at every age.

Kaydi Pyette, managing editor, Paddling Magazine

Old newspaper Happy CamperKevin Callan

“Kevin’s guidebooks to the waterways of Ontario have been a must for those of us who choose to travel the wilderness. Amongst the details of camps and portages we catch a glimpse of the man. A raconteur, a gentle man, a comic and an educator. But the whole is far greater than the parts and this book allows us to see deeper into his philosophy, where he comes from and, may I venture, his soul. There is humour, great stories and revelations on some of the darker moments of a life and the importance of wilderness to his very being.

As ever with Kevin, it is the quality of the storytelling that he educates and entertains the rest of us with.  But it is far more than that, it contains the philosophy of a life well lived.”

Ray Goodwin, head Canoe Coach UK and author of Canoeing


“There can’t be a canoe-tripper in Ontario, maybe in Canada, who doesn’t know the name Kevin Callan. For good reason: he’s published 18 books about canoe trips, techniques and routes, and is a frequent speaker at outdoor events. Now’s your chance to read the personal story of the man behind the legend. As they say, it ain’t all pretty, but Callan is the real deal: an outdoorsman extraordinaire.”

David Pelly, author of The Ancestors Are Happy: True Tales of the Arctic


“In a world full of fake sugar, Kevin is honey. His writing resonates with the authenticity of a true friend to all who share his wonder of nature and his passion for paddling.”

Dianne Whelan, producer of 500 Days in the Wild, a film on her six-year, 27,000-kilometre journey across Canada.

Kevin old photoKevin Callan

"Kevin Callan is a master storyteller. Whether he's in print or appearing liveKevin has a wonderful way with words and an infectious sense of humour.

Having him as a regular on Fresh Air was one of the highlights of my time at CBC Radio. "

Sandy Mowat, former producer, Fresh Air, CBC Radio One.


“‘Happy Camper’ Kevin Callan is an old and getting older wilderness warrior. His new memoir, Another Bend in the River, is a delightful and seamlessly integrated mix of childhood memories, canoe adventures, wilderness philosophy and practical canoe-tripping advice. The book is packed full of pleasures, humor, joy and wisdoms gleaned only from countless strokes of the paddle, casts of the fishing rod, and nights falling asleep to the sounds of wind in the trees and water gurgling over the rocks.”

Jon Turk, author of Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu

image of The Happy CamperKevin Callan

“Kevin Callan has been generously sharing to a generation of canoeists where and how to it properly paddle as the Happy Camper he is. Now he guides us on a personal trip through his life and its many bends in the river. Revealing and touching, Kevin Callan’s journey is remarkable yet relatable. Wilderness was his saviour from a life of anxiety and this book shares so many of those wonderful adventures in the wild.”

Michael Peake, editor of Che-Mun, a quarterly newsletter of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing.


“You really feel like you are in the canoe with Kevin in this engaging, funny, insightful collection of stories. What makes Kevin so engaging is his honesty, humility and the fact he tells a really good story! “

—Justine Curgenven, film producer for This is Canoeing

Woman sitting under a pine tree reading and writing looking out at a beautiful natural viewiStock

"A deeply moving account of how the author’s growing-up life in a small community surrounded by creeks and nature encouraged his love of wilderness and the magic of canoes. Deeply filled with recipes for life. Every page will make you smile!"

Cliff Jacobson, author of Canoeing Wild Rivers


“Pack up for the canoe trip of a lifetime—Kevin Callan’s remarkable life and love affair with nature. Beautifully written and, at times, starkly honest, Another Bend in the River is part adventure, part psychological treatise, part comedy and always, always, always, profound and moving.”

Roy MacGregor, author of Original Highways: Travelling the Great Rivers of Canada


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