Oh, the places you’ll go.” – Dr Seuss

I’m heading on yet another “semi-wilderness” canoe journey. I’ll be paddling in Ontario’s Lake Country, passing elaborate cottages and fancy yachts. Why? What happened to the paddler who wrote so much about the far north, remote places with absolute solitude? Well, he’s still that guy, but…

photoOntario Lakes Country Tourism

There are two reasons, really. I was offered a job writing, filming and promoting this tourism region’s countless day-long paddling trips. I agreed. There are some fantastic trips to be had less than an hour drive north of Toronto. The bonus: I get paid to paddle them. Who would pass that up?

photoOntario Lakes Country Tourism

The second reason is more indirect, but much more meaningful. If I promote nearby wilderness areas to newbies or expert trippers who have less time on their hands, then I can motivate a good majority of them to eventually head further a field into wilder areas. This region is blessed with amazing paddle routes: the scenic Black River, tranquil Green River, wind swept Lake Couchiching, historic Trent-Severn Waterway and the great expanse of Georgian Bay. All create amazing day outings. But what if I combined them all and made up one big canoe trip? Well, that's my plan. I head out this week to see if its possible.

photoOntario Lakes Country Tourism

My route begins at Black River Wilderness Park. I'll sleep in one of their yurts the night before I embark down the Black River to Lake Couchiching. My second night is a visit the YMCA Geneva Park on the east shore of Lake Couchiching. From there, I head north, travelling Sparrow Lake and the Trent-Severn Waterway and through four of its Lockes, stopping off at Bayview Wildwood Resort on Sparrow Lake, Swift Rapids Locke and Big Chute Locke. Then, I just have to navigate my way across a large section of the ocean-like Georgian Bay and up the North River at Matchedash Bay to the hamlet of Coldwater.photoOntario Lakes Country Tourism

Stay tuned for this amazing paddling adventure!


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