Noah Booth and Alex Traynor of Northern Scavenger’s YouTube fame took on another extensive canoe trip: a 30-day, 620-kilometre journey from Côte-Nord: Maze to the Aguanish. What an amazing experience, and a truly captivating video series.



The trip began in July of 2021 and was split into two sections. Noah and friend Matt Balcombe set out for the first stretch, traversing the headwaters of the Romaine and Petit-Mécatina. Two weeks into the trip they were joined by Alex and his friend Eric Taucer who were flown by Air Tunilik to meet Noah and Matt on the little known and rarely paddled Aguanish River. They continued on to finish in the town of Natashquan, along the Gulf of St Lawrence.

The video series is comprised of eight episodes. The gang run wild rapids, line up boulder strewn rivers, paddle across massive lakes, portage through bogs and up mountains, and catch a few monster pike and feisty brook trout along the way. Northern Scavengers also created a full length (six-hour) version of the trip as well.



I was privileged to interview them for one of my KCHappyCamper YouTube channel’s Whisky Fireside Chat’s. Check it out and check out their videos series. It’s one of the best canoe journeys documented out there.