An absolutely stunning new book is about to be released that will take you on an incredible century-long journey through the history of the Northern Tier National High Adventure program of the Boy Scouts of America.

The book is The Far Northland: A Century of Wilderness High Adventure at Northern Tier, written by Dave Kenney, a freelance writer who specializes in sharing stories and motivations of youth camps.

The book is hardcover and contains 112 pages filled with crisp colour images and four detailed chapters showcasing the evolution and spirit of Northern Tier from its humble beginnings to its current status as the oldest National High Adventure program in the organization.

Each chapter displays the progression of Northern Tier. “Vanguard” tells of the legendary writer and canoeist, Sigurd Olson, who was a trailblazer for the Scouts' paddle routes throughout Boundary Water Canoe Area and Quetico. “Expansion” gives details on the Scout’s new canoe base and its quick growth and popularity to thousands of youth. “Innovation” shares the change of leadership and programming. “Transformation” welcomes the new millennium that brings on a new era, and a new and fresh outlook.

Scattered throughout are side bars. Some show the ever-changing gear like packs, canoes and tents. Others show how trail food went from a “Hobo Blueberry Pie” made up of boiled blueberries with flour and shortening—and which Scouts claimed to have a great laxative quality—to a variety of one-pot feasts with ingredients like salsa, sour cream powder, Parmesan cheese and Alfredo seasoning.

This new book honours the legacy of Northern Tier and its impact on generations of young people. It pays tribute to the beauty and majesty of the northern canoe country. It is a gathering of fond memories created by Scouts who have experienced expansive wilderness travel. And it is a showcase for future Scouts, and their incredible leaders, who look forward to the next adventure in “The Far Northland.”