I’ve spent over a dozen nights so far dozing on my new Cosmo 3D Sleeping Pad, and I’m loving it!

Nemo’s older version of the Cosmo was durable and versatile. However, the new 3D model is a huge upgrade. The “3D” stands for its body-mapped baffles that help keep you on the pad through the night. There’s nothing worse than ending up on the cold, damp tent floor only an hour or two after lying down. The head area is also slightly raised, creating a chaise lounge effect.

photoKevin Callan

Their new foot pump is a huge bonus. It’s one of the fastest inflating pads I’ve owned, and it doesn’t allow moisture into the pad. And its updated, micro-adjustable valve creates incredibly fast deflation.

It’s a thick, cozy mat, measuring three-and-a-half inches thick. The material used (75D PU Polyester fabric) seems durable and more puncture resistant. I also ordered the model that is lined with Primaloft® synthetic insulation, making it perfect to use during the colder shoulder seasons and even winter camping (it has a temperature rating of 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit / -9 to -4 degrees Celsius). It makes the pad a little bulkier than others I've used, but nothing serious (it weights two pounds or 1.2 kilograms when packed).

photoKevin Callan

It comes in four sizes: regular, long wide, extra-long wide and double. I went with the regular (72 inch [183 centimeters] by 20 inch [51 centimeters]), and it fits perfectly in my solo or two-person tent. 

The biggest plus of the new configuration of the Nemo Cosmo 3D Sleeping Pad is that it’s perfect for side sleepers, like me.


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