The Happy Camper
Credit: Kevin Callan

We’re off to a good start this winter where I live. Lots of snow, thick ice and moderate temperatures. That’s a bonus for me. I just signed a book contract on winter camping with Firefly Books. It’s due in April, which means a lot of tent-time for me in the next three months.

I love winter camping—but that doesn’t mean I’m an expert. That’s why I decided to place a section in this new book where other winter campers share their tips, tricks and tales. I’ve got a good selection of experts in the field agreeing to participate thus far, but I thought I’d throw it out to explore readers.

Do you have a way to stay warm while cold camping, a hot tent tip, a favourite recipe, a camp gadget you always pack, a design for building your own pull-sled, a tale of frostbite or a story of a beautiful night in the frozen woods?

If your piece gets in, you get a free book, fame, bragging rights, prizes and the ability to say you’ve helped get more people to in the woods.

Comment with your best winter camping tips below!