The Happy Camper
Credit: Preston Ceire

Spring sure is knocking at the door. Chickadees and red-wind blackbirds are singing their mating calls, the snow on south-facing slopes is melting and soon the weather will allow us all to hit the trails, lakes and rivers.

And if the taste of spring doesn’t give you enough incentive to get out there, then my social media photo contest will. Simply go out camping and wear an Outdoor Research Happy Camper hat, or any Outdoor research hat for the matter (or my Happy Camper t-shirt I had available at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show a couple months back). Take a photo of you “soaking up the solitude” and place it on my The Happy Camper Facebook Page.

I’ll be pulling names every couple of weeks for prizes—lots of prizes. (Including a subscription to Explore magazine!) It begins May 1. Outdoor Research Happy Camper hats will only be available on their website until the end of April—it was a limited run. I still have a few to toss out to the audience during my presentations throughout April. So if you’re going to one of my shows, make sure to bring a catcher’s mitt.