I had the privilege of hanging out with Canadian full-time adventurer Jim Baird while he was in London, Ontario. He was picking up a new canoe from Nova Craft for yet another epic wilderness excursion.

photoJim Baird

Jim’s the real deal. He’s known for winning Season 4 of History Channel’s show "Alone." He and his brother, Ted, were the first Canadians to win, surviving for 75 days on Vancouver Island through the fall and winter. But did you know that just prior to that, Jim completed a 36-day trip across the northern Ungava Peninsula in winter—some 370 kilometres. Did you also know that he continues to head out and film/write about some insane adventures, including a solo trip down the canoe-eating rapids of the Kesagami and then along the tempestuous James Bay coat, an 800-kilometre snowmobile expedition across the Northwest Passage, 300 kilometre above the Arctic Circle. He's also completed a month-long descent of the Northwest Territories Kuujjua River in the Arctic Archipelago followed by 120-kilometers of paddling on the Arctic Ocean. And then there's the time he did a 33-day canoe expedition via four rivers including the Adlatok in northern Quebec and Labrador.

He’s shot for Cineflix productions, BBC Worldwide, 13 Minds and The Weather Network US. He's produced video series including “The Kesagami River Solo” and “Lessons from the Trail with Jim Baird.” He also writes for several periodicals, including Explore, Field and Stream, Outdoor Canada and Paddling Magazine.

photoJim Baird

His share of the awarded money from winning "Alone" went to purchasing a home along Ontario’s Magnetewan River. He got married to Tori (a wilderness adventurer in her own right) and recently became a father.

There’s no question—Jim’s the real deal. And he’s living an adventurer’s dream.

photoJim BairdCheck out my interview with him (Whisky Fireside Chat #44) on my KCHappyCamper YouTube channel below: