Another Canadian won HISTORY® Channel's hit survival series Alone. Juan Pablo Quiñonez, from Pinawa, MB, outdid all the other survivalists for Season 9. So well deserved.

alone show historyJuan Pablo QuiñonezJuan Pablo is the author of the new book Thrive: Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide; Skills, Tips, and Gear for Living on the Land. He lasted 78 days in the wilderness of Labrador and took home the overall title and the $500,000 prize purse. His saving grace was drinking water straight from the river, constructing an impressive shelter and putting together a make-shift camp stove out of old rusty cans he found. He also went on a temporary fast when food became scarce—a decision that probably gave him the win.

Alone showJuan Pablo QuiñonezI interviewed Juan Pablo for one of my Whisky Fireside Chats on my KCHappyCamper YouTube Channel. Check it out below.