Kevin Callan
Credit: Kevin Callan

GORP is commonly known as Good Old Raisins and Peanuts.

However, on live radio I once mistakingly said Good Old Raisins and Penis. That was a tad embarrassing.

True camp GORP goes well beyond raisins and peanuts. Basically everything goes—salty, crunchy, sweet or chewy—for this traditional high-energy snack. Try adding M&Ms, Smarties, beer nuts, dried cranberries, dried mangoes, banana chips, mini marshmallows, salted pumpkin seeds, corn nuts, Goldfish, pretzels, chocolate-covered coffee beans, Grape Nuts cereal, dried-and-spiced snow peas, or even dried jalapeno peppers.

However you make it, though, it’s crucial that GORP eating etiquette is followed. No “hygrading” allowed. No one picks and chooses only the bits and pieces they like in the GORP bag. They must blindly grab a handful of the entire mixture and munch away.

Check out my latest Happy Camper video for a low down on the debate over hygrading GORP.

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