It took a long time for Frank Wolf to write a book. He’s published endless articles and produced some amazing films over his career as an adventurer. But a collection of his wilderness travels from the past 20 years—canoeing, kayaking, packrafting, skiing, hiking, biking—is something I've been waiting for.

Frank is a compelling writer. He also has an enchanting sense of humour, along with a deep love for wild places. Mix that with his countless stories of travel: a 900-kilometre hiking and kayaking journey from Skagway, Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon; negotiating the cultural divide during a whitewater paddling expedition in Laos and Cambodia with Russian extreme kayakers; exploring the nature and politics of a multi-billion dollar pipeline in Northern BC by hiking, biking and kayaking the proposed project route; a surreal private lunch with former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during an 8,000-kilometre canoe journey across Canada; retracing Viking history during a canoe trip across Scandinavia; discovering the truth about the existence of Sasquatch in Northern Ontario.

Now, that’s a book worth waiting for.

photoKevin Callan

Frank is a master at weaving together his love of the land, people, culture and the importance to protect it. That’s what really sets him apart from other extreme adventures. Frank Wolf is the real deal. And his book Lines On A Map is exceptional. Trust me, you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

From the forward in Frank’s book: 

“As you make your way through these pages, and into Wolf’s wild hinterland, you may feel justifiably glad it’s not you in the boat, but I guarantee there will also be moments when you’ll wish to hell you could have been there.”

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