Kevin Callan
Credit: Kevin Callan

I’ve been spending some time helping Birchbark Media stitch together our 360 virtual reality film of Nova Scotia this past week. Brace yourself if you haven’t tried this media format. It’s incredible!

The moment you place a set of goggles on, you transport yourself to the woods and waters of Nova Scotia. It’s absolutely stunning.

Imagine sitting in the canoe with me, walking together on the portage, sitting beside a campfire with my fellow campmates, watching the sun set together... all in 360.

I know what some are thinking. Why not go and experience the real thing? I totally agree with that idea. I’ve been canoeing, writing about canoeing and trying to get others to go on canoe trips for quite some time now.

I remember running rapids without wearing a helmet, getting a cold butt on the seat of a Grumman, canoe clubs that wouldn’t allow kayakers to join, the grand opening of the Canadian Canoe Museum, the end of ABS, the day Bill Mason died. I’ve watched paddling books disappear and Internet bloggers increase twofold. My first book was written on an electric typewriter, the second was saved on a floppy disk. My most recent was just stored and sent digitally; not one word recorded on paper. Canoe movies went from VHS, to DVDs to YouTube. I used to load actual film in a camera—now I’m filming in 360 VR.

…And I’d do anything—new-age technology or not—to get more people out here. Basically… if they don’t experience wilderness than they’ll have no desire to save it when it’s in trouble. Plain and simple.

Watch the VR Video Here

Use the icon in the top left to see 360 degrees!

...And See the Reaction from the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show

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