If you have a winter camper on your holiday shopping list, here are some of my gear gift suggestions:

photoKevin Callan

Kelly Kettle

What sets the Kelly Kettle apart from all other survival stoves is its ingenious double-wall chimney. After lighting your small sticks (or any other combustible material) in the base plate, the flames are drawn upward through a fire chamber, reacting like a chimney draft. The water is stored in a water jacket that surrounds the chimney, which enables the stove to rapidly boil water, even in wet and windy weather conditions.

There’s also a new green whistle that lets you know when the water has boiled.

JetBoil JetGauge


Forget about guessing how much fuel you have left in your canister. JetBoil now has a nifty gadget that does it for you.The JetGauge is engineered to measure the fuel level of your canister and gives you a digital output.

The traditional “shake test” can only go so far, and I don’t know how many half-used canisters I have stored in my gear shed wasting away. I constantly buy brand new canisters prior to a trip, just to be on the safe side. Now, I don't have to!

Kupilka Cups

photoKevin Callan

I started using Kupilka cups on trips a couple years ago. They’re definitely an improvement from regular tin cups.

The cups are made of wood-based cellulose fibres, with polypropylene used as an adhesive. The material keeps the liquid warm and your hands cool while grasping the cup—a perfect solution. The extra bonus (and probably the real reason I purchased the cup in the first place) is that the rustic appearance looks great in trip photos.

Trangia Triangle


If you own a Trangia stove, then a great add-on for your kit is the Trangia Triangle. It creates a lightweight, compact holder for the alcohol burner; weighing in at a mere 115 grams. It consists of three stainless steel sides with an added support ring, so you can also use Trangia’s gas burner system. Perfect for day tripping or to store in your survival kit.

Outdoor Research Vashon Fleece


I got this new Outdoor Research fleece a month ago and it’s been my second skin ever since. I love it. The Vashon Fleece is made of wool, polyester and nylon. It makes a perfect mid-layer under a hard shell or puffy jacket when the temperature drops.

SOL Escape Pro Bivy


SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Bivy systems are awesome, especially if you’re worried that your sleeping bag might not cut it for a cold night. The cream of the crop is the Escape Pro Bivy. It's breathable, waterproof and reflects heat. More importantly, it allows condensation to escape while keeping the heat in. I’ve pulled it over my fall bag and tucked it inside next to my skin for extra warmth.

Ultralight/Watertight .7 Medical Kit


This is one of the best overall first-aid kits out there. It’s mega lightweight and waterproof (an inner DryFlex™ waterproof liner and an outer waterproof bag with sealed-seams provide two layers of protection). It has enough first-aid supplies for up to four people over four days.

The Ultralight/Watertight .7 Medical Kit includes:

  • Antiseptic wipes and butterfly bandages
  • Mini duct tape for emergency repairs
  • Medications to treat pain, inflammation and common allergies
  • Wraps and bandages
  • Moleskin topical adhesive to protect against blisters


Alone in the Wilderness DVD

photoAlone in the Wilderness

If I’m having a tough day teaching my students at risk and I need them to settle down, I simply play Alone in the Wilderness. It’s a visual masterpiece. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then this is a gift for you, too. It’s captivating.


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