I had a chance to head out for a late fall canoe trip and I’m hoping to have a longer one next week. While out, I was surprised to see so many people on trip as well. Night temperatures were below zero Celsius, and it snowed! I guess we can thank the increase in Covid campers, an extended warm fall due to Global Warming and some really cool gear that will help keep you warm and dry out there. 

Here’s some of the best-selling fall camping gear for 2021.

photoKristine RedmondNemo Sonic Down Sleeping Bag

I’ve owned this bag for a few years now and have never been cold sleeping in it. It’s also still one of Nemo’s best-selling fall/winter bags. Redesigned draft collars now add a more secure seal against the cold night air, overstuffed 800FP down keeps you cozy, and an updated profile and shaped waterproof/breathable footbox greatly reduces cold spots and damp feet. I’m a side sleeper and really like the stretch construction at the knees. The contoured hood gives a nice seal when the temperature really drops, and the offset zipper creates a thermally efficient seal.


Exped Expedition Air Mat

I’ve owned a lot of air mats in my life. This one is by far the best. The 700 fill down and the extra loft, protects you from the cold ground—guaranteed. And don’t worry about the down shifting; baffles prevent down migration between air cells and eliminate cold spots. This is one thick, solid, comfortable air cushion. You won’t roll off this one through the night. Air cells on the sides are thicker and give the mat a cradle shape. And the honeycomb structured polyester upper side fabric makes it super quick drying.

photoKristine Redmond

Bushbox Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox

This stick stove packs small (fits into a short pocket) but puts out a more than decent flame. Gather small sticks, pinecones or other forest debris—or use a tea candle. This isn’t meant to be used to cook up a major camp meal; it’s an ultra-compact, lightweight emergency stove. Measuring 6.5 cm tall x 4.7 cm square, packs to 6.5 cm x 4.7 cm x 0.3 cm, and weighing a mere 77g, this stainless-steel stove fits well in any ditch kit.


Kupilka BlueBerry Bowl & Cup

Kupilka camp dishes have been around a for a few years. They’re great. Easy to clean, keeps your tea hot and whisky cool, durable, and made from Kareline: a bio material of 50 per cent wood fibre from managed forest, and 50 per cent thermo plastic. But now they have a new blue colour—called Blueberry—which is awesome.


Fire Blow Poker

This is a two-in-one piece of camp gear. It acts as a poker to move and rearrange wood and coals in the campfire, and a few puffs from your lungs through the hollowed centre and you've got a perfect campfire bellow.

photoKristine Redmond

UCO Stormproof Matches

These matches go beyond “waterproof” or “windproof.” They stay lit even when you submerge them in water. True story. They’re extremely easy to ignite, lightweight and stay lit for over 15 seconds. A dozen of these should be placed in every late season camper’s kit. Each single box contains 25 matches and spare strikers.


Knife & Axe Blade Oil

Late fall brings on wet conditions—perfect weather to rust up your knife or axe. This product helps protect both from corrosion, without the use of petroleum. The oil is plant based, non-toxic, petroleum free, odour-free and biodegradeable. And its made in Canada.

photoKristine Redmond

Agawa Canyon’s Boreal 21 Folding Take-Down Bucksaw

This is another “made in Canada” product. The Agawa Canyon’s Boreal 21 folding take down bucksaw is a compact-able folding bucksaw, perfect for sawing up arm-size diameter camp wood. It folds down with a simple lever system to quickly transforms a folded Boreal 21 into a tensioned 21-inch bucksaw with an all-purpose blade. When you’re not cutting wood with it, the saw folds folds safely inside the 6063 anodized aluminum frame, which is light, sturdy and won’t rust.


Check out my latest video from my late fall canoe trip on my KCHappyCamper channel: