I’ve never owned a good map case for my paddling trips. They all didn’t seal properly and eventually leaked, and most of them were too small to fit full topographical maps. Recreational Barrel Works has fixed all that. They recently came out with a new map case that’s absolutely perfect. Other map cases I’ve owned claimed to be waterproof but were really only splash-proof and barely dunk-proof.

new paddlers waterproof map caseRecreational Barrel Works

First off, this one is completely waterproof. I dipped in the sink half a dozen times to test it out. The seal, which is a waterproof zipper, is like ones found on a dry suit. No longer are my maps going to be a soggy mess. The seams are RF welded and is electronic device friendly, meaning you can operate your electronics while they are inside the case (GPS, phone, tablets)—basically touchscreen compatible. And the materials used are hot and cold temperature resilient (rated 52C to -35C / 130F to -32F) and PVC-free and BPA-free.

Two clear UV resistant panes (made of pure Thermoplastic Polyurethane, TPU) allow you to view the maps contained inside from both sides (viewable dimensions: length 42 cm / 16.5 in, width 33 cm / 13 in). That’s a big thumbs up for me. And each corner is equipped with a heavy-duty D-ring to lash the map case to the deck of my canoe or dangle it from my pack. The viewing area is large enough to view topographic maps, which I use for all my northern trips.

map caseRecreational Barrel Works

The Recreational Barrel Works map case is definitely a paddler’s map case designed by a true paddler. Price: $49.95