I’m continuing to do more of my Whisky Fireside Chats on my KCHappyCamper YouTube channel during Ontario’s third Covid lockdown. It’s helping to keep me sane and allowing me to get to know more about some incredibly popular outdoor writers and filmmakers.

This week was Adam Shoalts, named one of Canada’s “greatest living explorers” as well as “Canada’s Indiana Jones.” Adam is a professional adventurer and the author of three national best-selling books: Alone Against the North, A History of Canada in 10 Maps and Beyond the Trees. His last book was on a 4,000-kilometre solo canoe journey across Canada’s Arctic.

photoAdam Shoalts

I must say, I didn’t know much about Adam before the interview. I read two of his three books, and briefly bumped into him while we both presented at outdoor shows. I also knew that reviews of his writing, and his success, were mixed; especially with many of the “old guard” wilderness canoe trippers I know. Some admired Adam’s ability to write incredible accounts of real-life adventure stories. Others labelled him one of the most selfish and self-absorbed writers in Canada.

Check out writer and wilderness canoe tripper Bob Henderson’s speaking session for the 2021 Wilderness Canoe Symposium titled “Look-at-me-Wilderness-Super-Hero critique.” He includes Adam Shoalts in his discussion:



I watched Bob Henderson’s rant prior to my interview with Adam. He makes some solid points throughout—but it’s pretty much one-sided, as rants generally do. 

Now give my interview with Adam a watch. I think you’ll agree he handles himself extremely well, breaking apart the various viewpoints of other wilderness paddlers. Let me know your thoughts…