Amazing news! Adam Ruzzo has a new album out. It’s called “Cabin Speak” and it’s awesome!

photoKevin Callan

Adam is the real deal. He lives and works in the woods in a log home just outside Algonquin. He now works as an interior park ranger in the park. He’s travelled wilderness areas extensively to gather material for his music; and it shows. His original tunes, which he’s been doing for some time (this is his third album), are all linked to his Canadian wilderness experiences. His inspiration comes from being out there and the sense of awe he gets while wandering around wild places from Yellowknife to Algonquin.

“I try to convey musically the sense of awe and beauty that these places evoke in us all.”

photoKevin Callan

I have to say he’s also good at playing cover tunes. I’ve been to a few of his house concerts at the Mad Musher in Whitney (east side of Algonquin). He plays a good Neil Young and Bohemian Rhapsody.

My favourites off his latest album are Child of the North Star, North Child, Hills of Algonquin and Fading Light (the last one is stunning and will be in your head for days).

Adam has a solid music background. He holds a masters degree in classical guitar performance from U of T, and has won several competitions in that field. He’s also played in his fare share of pubs and weddings. His longest-standing gig was playing at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto for seven years... every weekend!

photoKevin Callan

He walked away from all that and we all can be grateful. He now sits by the fire in his off grid cabin and creates tunes of his times spent in the wilderness rather than banging out rehashed  Crazy Horse or Queens tunes.



Watch the video here: 


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