I spent 63 nights in a tent in 2018.

(I always feel it's not a good year in the wilderness if I don't sleep out there more than 60 nights.)

Highlights were paddling the full length of the Thames River, Canada’s most southernly waterway. That was an epic journey. I also really enjoyed sitting on the porch for morning coffee or evening whisky when I could for a different sort of adventure: writing my book.

Now it’s time to start presenting about both. It’s become a bit of routine for me: early flights, driving home in the late hours, being addicted to coffee and whisky, battling stage fright. Over the next couple of months, I'll give 28 presentations across North America. I’ll reach a total audience of more than 16,000 people.

So why the heck are people still telling me canoe tripping is dying?! They’re dead wrong!

My speaking tour for 2019 will be a busy one. Here’s some of what I have booked so far.

I hope to see you at one of the shows—or better yet, out on the portage.

photoKevin Callan

March 8 to 10: CanoeCopia – Madison, Wisconsin

March 22: Trailhead – Kingston, Ontario

March 26: Durham Outdoor Club – Oshawa, Ontario

April 4: Adventure Guide Armchair Speaking Series – Kitchener/Waterloo

April 9: London Library (hosted by London Paddle Shop) – London, Ontario

April 13: Ontario Backcountry Canoe Symposium – Waterloo, Ontario

April 26 to 28: Midwest Spring Expo – Minneapolis

May 8: Madoc Library – Madoc, Ontario

September 13 to 14: Joan – Bear Mountain Boat Festival

October 25 to 27: Midwest Winter Symposium

photoKevin Callan


And a big thanks to my sponsors (friends) for helping this all come together:

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