You’ve heard of the 10 types of hiking personalities, now get ready for the 10 types of campers. 


The Snacker

Have you ever heard of those stories or movies where a group of people go on an adventure deep into the woods, and they can only find their way out because someone left a trail of crumbs that illustrates the path they took? That’s the Snacker. While this isn’t the most likely situation, it’s indicative of the amount that the Snacker—well, snacks. Catch them nibbling on some jerky on the trail, biting into an apple while in their canoe or feasting on leftover pizza at the peak of a mountain. 


The Glamper

Let’s face it, camping isn’t for everyone—and that’s okay! Even if you’re not the type to pitch a tent and brave the mosquitos, you’re still appreciative of the outdoors. You’re looking at the best airstream or cabin resort in the area—hot, running water is a must. While they love exploring the outdoors, they're also spending their nights plugging their TV into a generator to binge the next season of Alone. This camper (?) feels most at-home in the outdoors if they can return to their beachfront resort at the end of the day. But that’s okay—everyone deserves a little luxury somedays! 


The Gordon Ramsay

This camper can do no wrong in your camp-stove kitchen. Trust this individual to cook up delicious campsite meals or pre-make dehydrated goods for everyone to enjoy by the fire. They would never bring one of those "just add water" meals. They’ll wake you up with a delicious breakfast omelette and get you ready for bed with a hearty portion of campfire spaghetti. Unlike Gordon Ramsay, they won’t yell or scream at you when you make a cooking mistake—but they may try to shoo you away from their bubbling pot of beef stew.


The Retired Scout

Badges, ribbons and pins, oh my! This camper doesn’t have girl guide cookies currently on hand, but they’ll certainly be able to fashion a formidable knot if you need one. If you’re equipment inept like I am, find yourself a camping buddy who resembles the Retired Scout. They’ll set up your tent, get a fire started and have everything ready to go in the amount of time it takes you to ask for help. Every camping trip needs a Retired Scout.


The Serial Overpacker

Hey! Who brought five different sweaters for a two-day camping trip? That would be the Serial Overpacker, a camper who may not actually bring cereal on the trip, but brings copious amounts of gear, food or clothing. Sometimes this comes in handy, but sometimes you’re left wearing three sweaters in order to fit their extra gear in the bags. On the bright side, if you ask for virtually anything, they’ll probably have it. Spare pillowcase? Check. Fruit punch juice box? Check. Orange socks? Check. Chances are that the bag they brought with them is the never-ending sack that Hermione carries around. Be ready for a gruelling workout when camping with themafter all, you'll be helping them lug the rest of their gear around! 


The Campsite Parent

Are you the person who continuously asks if everyone has their snacks and water? Consistently lathers themselves in bug spray? Triple-checks the tents to make sure everyone’s sleeping safely and soundly? Guess what—you’re the campsite parent! This character is the camping counterpart of the airport dad—and is most likely the person who picked everyone up and drove out to the campsite. While you might not need passports for this trip, you’re certain to be thankful for the organizational skills of your Campsite Parent.


The Entertainer

Oh, it’s you—the one who packed their guitar and strums their favourite chords while sitting by the fire. You either learned the guitar from a high school guitar class or a YouTube tutorial, but honestly, your dedication to learning it deserves major props. Some people may be annoyed by your constant singing, but for most of us, your voice is good enough to pass as decent entertainment. As long as you play at least one Taylor Swift song, we’ll be happy. Strum on, entertainer!


The Lounger

You’re here for one reason, and one reason only—to get the best out of the campsite. What better way to do that than by spending your entire trip outside, lounging in a hammock that’s tied between two trees? You go camping to get away from the busy life of the city, and honestly, that’s commendable. As a Lounger, you find that cell service is optional—you're taking the time to truly disconnect. Take a nap by the lake or spend a few more hours than necessary by the campfire. Either way, enjoy your time off, Lounger—we all need rest sometimes!


The Selfie Star

You’re on the camping trip to get the best shots of yourself paddling on a lake on your SUP. Your friends want videos paddling into the distance on their kayak? You’re the person they go to. See an aesthetically pleasing view that just needs to be posed in front of? You’re already figuring out which angle to capture that from. While some of your friends may not see the point of taking all these photos, you know that they’ll be begging for a shared album’s worth of them by the end of the trip.


The Exterior Decorator

You’re the go-to person for an aesthetically pleasing campsite set up. You’re stringing fairy lights around the tent the minute you start unpacking. When setting up, you make sure that every tent is colour coordinated so nothing looks out of place (heaven forbid someone bring a yellow tent when the rest of the campsite is blue). You bring the best gear for a cute campsite, ranging from comfy chairs to an outdoor rug or cozy blanket. Honestly, everyone loves it—especially your Selfie-Star friend. Get those photos, Exterior Decorator! 



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