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-Winter Hiking Bundle (4 Items!)

$108.80 $49.95
Explore Magazine

-Winter Hiking Bundle (4 Items!)

Every Winter Hiking Bundle includes the following items. Total value: $108.80.

  • LED Headlamp (value $24.95)
  • Ice and Snow Trail Crampons (value $29.95)
  • Two (2) Collapsible Hiking/Snowshoeing Poles (value $53.90)

Description & Details

Grip the most unstable, slushiest, wettest, muddiest terrain with our Ice and Snow Trail Crampons. Stay upright (and go easy on your knees) with our PAIR of Collapsible Hiking Poles. And ensure you can navigate the dark with our LED Headlamp (three AAA batteries not included).

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