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Live the Adventure Club Gear Box

From $97.00
Explore Curated

Live the Adventure Club Gear Box

The BEST subscription gear box you can get!

Delivered seasonally, every box is guaranteed to be worth $150+ or your money back.


Combine motivation, inspiration and quality gear in one unique club.

Every Gear Box is packed with outdoor adventure gear curated for each box's unique themed collection and challenges.

In each box you will find:

  • 4-6 pieces of outdoor adventure gear
  • The latest issue of Explore Magazine
  • Weekly and quarterly challenges utilizing your new gear
  • Awesome prizes for those who complete the challenges
  • A private community where you can hang out with other adventurers

Description & Details

Explore’s Live the Adventure Club Gear Box is a subscription box that delivers 4-6 pieces of outdoor adventure gear to your doorstep every 90 days.

Guaranteed value of $150+ per box. Yours for just $97. Thousands of satisfied members.

Beyond the gear, this club gives you membershipt to a private forum where we award prizes of outdoor gear every week. Thousands of dollars worth of gear awarded throughout the year.

On top of the awesome gear you also get exclusive access to outdoor adventure challenges, prizes and a private community. Everything you need to start living the adventure today!

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