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Light Up the Night Bundle

$129.00 $59.95
Explore Curated

Light Up the Night Bundle

Save 54% with this LED Lighting Essentials Bundle!

Every Light Up the Night Bundle contains:

• One (1) Solar LED Folding Lantern (value $35)
This solar-powered light features three solar panels and 16 LEDs.

• Two (2) Four-Packs of LED Tent Pegs (value $24)
Hammer these pegs in and create useful lighting around your tent-site.

• One (1) Hand-Crank Radio/Light/Charger (value $20)
Infinite power! Combining a solar panel and a hand-crank generator, this unit chargers, broadcasts and lights.

• One (1) Mosquito Zapper Lantern (value $50)
This rechargeable unit offers an LED lantern and mosquito-zapping power.

Description & Details

We love this Light Up the Night Bundle!

This is everything you need to keep the shadows at bay while camping—particularly useful during campfire bans.

With a total of eight LED Tent Pegs, you can set up Instagram-worthy lit-perimeters around your tent. With a Solar LED Folding Lantern, you can enjoy infinite light inside or outside your tent. With the rechargeable Mosquito Zapper Lantern, you can keep the bugs at bay too. And your Hand-Crank Radio/Light/Charger can not only tune into broadcasts, but functions as a flashlight and can charge USB-rechargeable devices.

Quantities limited.

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