Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir


Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir



  • Never get thirsty on the trail again!
  • Hands-free hydration for better sports performance
  • Carry extra water to share with your friends and dog
  • Always be prepared for needing more H2O


Description & Details

Hydration is the key to health—and packing your daily H20 just got easier. Fit this 2L bladder into your pack of choice and sip hands-free while you get sweaty on summer hikes.

  • PERFECT AMOUNT FOR A LONG HIKE: Fill this bladder up to the brim for a long hike, or half-way for a shorter day hike
  • WIDE OPENING AT TOP FOR EASY FILL: Simply slide off the clasp and unfold the top to fill
  • HYGIENIC CAP ON SPOUT: No more worrying about getting dirt from the trail on your mouthpiece

Made of durable polymer. Easy to clean. Universal fit. Carries two litres of fluid.

Capacity: 2000 millilitres 
Weight: 200 grams

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