Fall 2019 Live the Adventure Club Gear Box

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Fall 2019 Live the Adventure Club Gear Box

Past Box Special! Every FALL 2019 Live the Adventure Gear Box Contains:

Avventura Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Pole

We are stoked to include the lightest, most compact Hiking Pole we’ve ever seen! Use this pole to ease the burden on your knees.

Avventura Outdoors Hand-Crank Radio/Light/Charger

Get weather reports. Catch the game. Listen to some music. Charge your phone. Use the light. This is safety and comfort, all in one.

Collapsible Water Bottle

The best way to save space and stay hydrated—collapses as you drink, stows away small.

Pocket Bellows

An item you didn’t even know you needed. Extend into the base of a fire. Blow on the thick end. Stoke! Cook and stay warm by the fire this fall.

Camping Egg Containers

Fresh eggs are one of your best sources of protein—and now you can carry them where ever you roam.

Basecamp Cards

One part campsite game, one part conversation starter. These Basecamp Cards will keep the fireside fun going well into the night.

Duckish Lip Balm

Autumn winds are ruthless on your smoocher. Stay moisturized and comfortable with this all-natural balm.

Duckish Lotion Stick

Those same dipping temperatures will dry out skin—keep your largest organ moisturized and healthy with these travel-sized lotion sticks.

Biggs Sunflower Seeds

We love sunflower seeds! And you’ll love these new, flavourful takes on this classic snacking essential.

Dukes Smoked Meats

Stay fueled up with hearty, protein-rich Dukes Smoked Meats—available in four flavours with no MSG.

Tru Earth Laundry Detergent

Planning and adventure travel trip this fall? These eco-friendly laundry strips pack easily and limit waste.

Explore Magazine, Fall 2019

One of our most graphically dynamic issues to date—explore the Canadian West, solve your outdoor dilemmas, gear-up for fall and so much more.

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More than $150 value. One-time purchase. Not a subscription!

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