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Equal parts inspiration and perspiration set the stage for explore, Canada’s number-one and most-awarded print magazine for outdoor adventurers since 1981. The greatest Canadian destinations combined with current gear reviews, exciting profiles, useful tips and tricks and fascinating news gives you everything you need to start or continue your adventures. Your print magazine subscription supports Canadian creatives, Canadian media and Canadian culture!  
In each issue, explore inspires outdoor adventures:
• Unique and inspiring outdoor adventures in Canada.

• Advice and inspiration from Kevin Callan, Will Gadd and other columnists.

• Detailed, hands-on and unbiased gear reviews.

• Practical how-to articles for Canadian outdoors-people.

• Stunning full-page and double-page-spread photography.

• Profiles of fascinating outdoors personalities.

• In-depth news that matters to outdoors-people.
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Since 1981, explore has maintained the highest standard of storytelling and reporting. And we have the accolades to prove it—more than 200+ national media awards and nominations.

In fact, in just the past few years, explore has been nominated for Publisher Grand Prix, Best Magazine: Service & Lifestyle (three times), Magazine of the Year and Best Single Issue at the National Magazine Awards.

Plus, our writers have received numerous nominations and wins at the National Magazine Awards and Explore Canada Awards of Excellence. 
Our print magazine is the heartbeat of our brand.

You’ll read exclusive content—not posted online—beautifully designed with breathtaking photography, edited and curated by our award-winning editor, David Webb.

Every issue is thick. You’ll read engaging stories of rich outdoor adventures in Canada. You’ll delve into interesting personalities in our outdoor world. You’ll glean valuable tips to make the most of your time out-of-doors. You’ll discover the best, lesser-known places to visit across Canada and beyond. And so much more…
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