Chawel Multifunction Towel Sport HD


Chawel Multifunction Towel Sport HD

The Chawel Multifunction Towel Sport HD. You’ve never seen a towel like this before. Dry off. Lay out. Get changed. Take a nap. Bundle up. It’s a blanket, a sleeping bag liner, a towel, a sun-shield and more—in one!

Description & Details

  • Size: 91 cm x 147 cm (measured from shoulder down)
  • Colour: Forest Green
  • Weight: 474 grams
  • 100% soft polyester
  • All absorbent & quick drying
  • Hood (absorbent)
  • Armholes 
  • Zipper pocket (absorbent)

The lightest changing poncho available.

The quick drying Sport HD has an absorbent hood and absorbent hidden zipper pocket.

Chawels multifunctional uses include: towel, changing room, neck/travel pillow, blanket, sleeping bag and more. 

Includes an absorbent stuff sack, which can also be used as mini towel, or toiletry bag when travelling.

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