Backcountry Prep Bundle

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Backcountry Prep Bundle

"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." It's sage outdoor advice. Before you venture into the backcountry, make sure you're prepared for the unexpected, from treating simple cuts and scrapes to weathering a night in the woods. We make preparedness easy with our Backcountry Prep Bundle. It's everything you need in one place, where you want it, when you need it. 

Every Backcountry Prep Bundle comes with: 

  1. LED Safety Beacon
  2. FixNZip (M)
  4. Emergency Warmth Survival Bivvy
  5. Emergency Warmth Survival Bivvy
  6. On-the-Go Snowflake Multi-Tool
  7. Wilderness Whittler Pocketknife
  8. Avventura Outdoors Fire Steel
  9. A free copy of explore magazine!
  10. Campsite Essentials First Aid Kit
  11. BlistWool
  12. 26M 550 Paracord

Description & Details

Everyone needs a fully stocked first-aid kit and this unit delivers, big time and with big value. Not only is it contained within a durable, zipped, clamshell-open hard-case—vibrant red—every First-Aid Kit contains: Elastic bandages (various sizes), adhesive bandages (various sizes), gauze pads (various sizes). H-shaped bandages, butterfly bandages, eye pads, alcohol & iodine wipes, antiseptic wipes, cleanser wipes, medical tape, tourniquet, scissors, emergency whistle, cotton swabs, disposable gloves and more. Dimensions: 25 cm x 8 cm x 20 cm. Weight: 285 grams.

QUIKCORD solves a problem that has plagued every outdoorsperson who has ever handled paracord: no more tangled cord. QUIKCORD dispenses cord smoothly and features a built-in cutting blade. It is even equipped with a 12-hour emergency nighttime signal should you ever find yourself in a jam. Includes 7.62 metres (25 feet) of tangle-free 550 paracord.

The adventurous idea for BlistWool originated from a traditional use of wool for trekking in places like New Zealand. Rather than using plastic, disposable blister bandages, BlistWool offers an environmentally friendly, natural option for adventurers who want to keep bagging peaks without suffering from red, raw blisters. Easy to use, compostable and made from Canadian sheep wool. 

This 26-metre roll of Type III 550 paracord is a must-have. This multi-strand nylon paracord can hold 550 pounds (230 kilograms) and elongate to 30%. Those in the know use paracord as an emergency essential: facilitate rescues, use to build shelters, snare-building and more. Beyond emergency use, 550 Paracord has everyday applications. Secure loads on your vehicle; string up a tarp at your campsite; hang a bear-bag; attach a bag or other load to your bike. The high-tensile strength for its diametre means the days of packing around heavy rope are over. 

Forget the lighter. Fire Steel lights campfires, stoves and candles with ease. Simply scrape the coating to reveal the full-size ferro rod, and strike to create a hot spark.

If an emergency situation arises, make sure you can be seen/found. This handy, lightweight LED safety beacon boasts high visibility. Each LED has multiple flash settings, in addition to solid orange and white light. Exceptionally durable (shock and water-resistant) so it can be used in all weather conditions. And most importantly, this LED Safety Beacon has a long battery life. Stash it in your backpack, glove box or kayak. Has a hook so it can be affixed to straps, a carabiner or gear loops. 

Fix any zipper while on-the-go without sewing or tools. Tents, pants, jackets— FixNZip works on metal and plastic zips. Fits zipper sizes: 5-7. Examples: Jackets, sleeping bags, tents, duffel bags. 

Incredibly handy for on-the-fly bike fixes, camping and hiking needs or even adjustments while skiing, this snowflake multi-tool is a cute nod to the Canadian outdoors. Easily affix to a backpack, keychain or belt loop with a carabiner. Includes fittings that function as an Allen key, screwdriver heads, bottle opener. Made from stainless steel. 

Whether used as an emergency lifesaver or just to add several degrees of warmth to your existing sleeping bag, you’ll never regret packing a bivy sack.

A durable 2.5-inch blade pocketknife with a secure locking mechanism. Affix to your belt via the metal hip clip. Alternatively, the lock releasing mechanism doubles as a hook which allows it to be clipped to gear loops or straps. Lightweight at 60 grams. 

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