Collapsible Marshmallow Stick


Collapsible Marshmallow Stick

About the product

  • Improve your marshmallow roasting skills and become the best camp cook
  • Comfortable wooden handle protects your hands from getting burned
  • Easy to use for the whole family 
  • Eco-friendly and reusable 
  • Kids will love this fun, collaspible stick around the campfire!

Description & Details

Introducing the Collapsible Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Most campers waste time and energy searching for the perfect roasting stick, only to come up short. Leave nature where it belongs and instead spear your hot dogs, marshmallows and even steaks for the best campfire cooking. After use, clean it, close it up and stash it in a backpack pocket! When you get to the campsite, open it up and stay a comfortable distance away from the flames—the length is fully adjustable throughout the range. The Collapsible Marshmallow Stick even works as a fire-poker!


Save time, energy, waste and have the best camping experience

  • Sturdy, retractable stick slides down to a small size, while maintaining strength
  • Can easily fit two marshmallows, sausages or veggies
  • Forget your grill? Spear a steak and cook it over the open flame with this unique tool
  • It's the perfect present for the adventure gear head who has it all
  • BONUS: The Collapsible Marshmallow Stick even works as a fire-poker!
  • This makes a great gift for families, groups of friends of anyone wanting to improve their campfire cooking skills


What is included with your Purchase?

You will receive 1 Collapsible Marshmallow Stick by Avventura Outdoors. Loop on back of stick for easy carrying or to tie onto your backpack.

Dimensions: 18 cm (closed) 81 cm (open)
Weight: 120 grams


How to use the Collapsible Marshmallow Stick

Step 1: Pull the roasting fork. It will easily slide out from the wooden handle.

Step 2: Spear the food item you would like to cook on the end of the two-pronged fork.

Step 3: Cook with the roasting stick over your campfire!

Eat and enjoy!

It's that easy!

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