Skyrunning Comes to Canada
Credit: Greg Epperson/Dreamstime

Inaugural Skyrunner Series Canada 2014 — Less Cloud. More Sky.

Calgary, AB (March 26th, 2014) – With the arrival of spring, comes the inaugural Skyrunner® Series Canada. A move into Canada’s remote and mountainous regions is a natural expansion of the international Skyrunning events that have captured the imagination of runners globally. With this announcement, in addition to the Skyrunner® World Series, there will be National Skyrunner® Series in nine countries across four continents.

What the Series Will Look Like

The series will include nine races, four Sky, three Ultra and two Vertical. The events are distributed across the country, offering racers opportunities to run in some of the most beautiful locations in Canada.

Each of these courses will showcase the unique running culture and topography of the region. They have been carefully selected to meet the Skyrunning criteria with inclines that will truly push the best mountain runners to their limits and offer memorable experiences for every competitor. Distance + Vertical = Skyrunning.

Many of the races have been created or adjusted specifically for the Skyrunner® Series Canada, broadening the scope of competitive and spectacular Skyrunning races globally. The races often form part of a larger race weekend, with Vertical, Sky and Ultra events happening on consecutive days allowing for broader exposure and to create a “running festival” atmosphere around the events.

As Adam Campbell, the Director of the Skyrunner® Series Canada states: "Skyrunning has been hugely influential on my running career and I’m excited to share that with the rest of Canada. My first Skyrunning race at Sierre-Zinal changed my perception of what mountain running can and should be.  The technicality, aesthetic beauty and challenging nature of the course will appeal to elite and recreational athletes looking for a unique mountain challenge. Even since that first race I’ve wanted to bring this style of running on logical and demanding routes to Canada. The events in the series will have a distinctly Canadian flare and will showcase some of the best terrain the country has to offer. I have big ambitions for this series in coming years and I hope to change the national perspective on how we view mountain sport.”

2014 Race Schedule

***If any other races want to be considered for inclusion in the 2014 or 2015 season, please contact Adam Campbell with course profiles and race descriptions.

Ranking Points

The three best results in each Series are scored in the overall ranking for each runner. Ranking points in the final races of all three Series will be increased by 20%. Ranking points breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 2 points to 40th position for men and 15th position for women.

Total prizes:  TBA in May 2014. Also prize money in individual races.

*Entry is direct with organizers.

Slots are available for 2013 SWS and ISF Ranked athletes. Details to follow.

About Skyrunning

SKY - races more than 22 km and less than 50 km long with at least 1,300m positive vertical climb (SkyRace® and SkyMarathon®)
ULTRA - races over 50 km long that exceed the SkyMarathon® parameters (Ultra SkyMarathon®) 
VERTICAL - races with 1,000m positive vertical climb not exceeding 5 km distance (Vertical Kilometer®)

Skyrunner®, SkyRace®, SkyMarathon®, Vertical Kilometer® are registered trademarks

The Skyrunner Series Canada can be found at the following online locations:

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Twitter – @SkyrunningCAN