Over the past year, I've watched as British Columbia has been hit with an unprecedented amount of weather extremes: record-breaking temperatures, devastating forest fires, extreme flooding and an Arctic outflow that blanketed the province with sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms.

Here in BC, we are seeing first-hand the damaging effects of climate change and for those who want to make a difference, this article is for you! I am going to share with you some great outdoor gear products that do not compromise on performance and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Cotopaxi Kapai 3L Hip Pack

hip pack hikingCotopaxi

Based in Salt Lake City and launched in 2014, Cotopaxi is a stylish brand that will help you stand out from the crowd while seeking summits. The brand is built for outdoor adventure and has a strong emphasis on creating gear that is both sustainable and ethically produced. Currently, 94 per cent of their products contain what they like to call the Three R’s: repurposed, recycled, or responsible materials.

Their Kapai 3L Hip Pack is perfect for keeping essentials close whilst adventuring or travelling and is a part of the highly unique Del Día collection. This collection comprises 100 per cent repurposed fabrics from leftover materials resulting in less waste to landfills and one-of-a-kind packs, with no two packs alike.

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Rumpl RAD Blankets (Limited Edition)

blanket cozy camping firesideRumplRumpl is an innovative brand that uses technology similar to insulated outdoor activewear to make durable, weatherproof blankets. Right now, Rumpl released limited-edition, creatively striking blankets through the Rumpl Artist Division (RAD), where they team up with talented artists to make some truly rad designs.

The best part? Rumpl’s mission is to create these blankets from recycled materials and are active in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Their down blankets are sourced both ethically and humanely, whereas their synthetic blankets are 100 per cent made from recycled plastic bottles, with Rumpl recycling over 5,000,000 plastic bottles each year.

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Sunski Treeline

sunglasses sunshine outdoorsSunskiThose blue-bird days got you thinking about a new pair of sunglasses? Look no further! Sunski produce a distinct brand of sunglasses that are unique in the industry and made of recycled plastics from US landfills.

These sunnies are made to be durable and are free from single-use plastic packaging. As well as being made from recyclable materials they are built to last, further reducing waste due to their longevity. And with a lifetime warranty, if they do break, Sunski promises to fix or replace your sunglasses.

For those explorers looking to venture into the backcountry for some spring riding, hiking, or climbing be sure to check out the Sunski’s Treeline sunglasses, featuring polarised lenses and removable sun shields, perfect to aid in your outdoor thrills.

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Salomon Index.01

trail running shoes race hikeSalomon

Are global climate change issues running on your mind? Well, with new innovative designs from Salomon you can start your race to tackle global warming one step at a time.

Salomon’s new Index.01 recyclable unisex running shoe has been designed with cushy landings, versatility and ergonomics in mind. The shoe’s upper is made from recycled polyester mesh and the bottom is made from a recyclable foam called INFINIRIDE. The INFINIRIDE bottom has a reverse camber of the midsole—similar to that of their ski range—which propels runners forward allowing a quicker transition from one foot to the next.

And the best part? Well, once you’ve—quite literally—ran these shoes into the ground, you can return them to Salomon to kickstart the process of recycling the shoes to be used as part of the base material for the outer shells of new ski boots, for the next generation of the Salomon alpine ski range.

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Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

face wipeswww.ursamajorvt.com

When you’re out in the wilderness on an expedition, overnight adventure or even on a daytrip, you can find yourself feeling a little less than clean, right? Many face or body cleaning products can do a lot of harm to your skin but also to the environment. However, these award-winning Ursa Major bamboo face wipes, made from natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling fresh, firm, and alive. These wipes are great for on-the-go activities and are kind to your skin as well as the environment.

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Wooden Coconut Cutlery Set

camping cookware picnic grillCoconut Bowls

These wooden coconut cutlery sets, from Coconut Bowls will not only look sleek and stylish but are also an eco-friendly alternative to any plastic cutlery sets. These handcrafted sets are carved out of old coconut trees that are no longer producing fruit. These trees are cut down with new coconut trees then being planted. These sustainable cutlery sets also come with chopsticks, a straw and an organic cotton carry bag. Perfect for your next camping trip, lunch stop on the summit or even a picnic, bring this set along on your next outdoor adventure.

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Therm-a-rest Compressible Pillow Cinch

sleeping tent campingTherm-a-rest

We all know how difficult it can be to sleep without a pillow. But carrying our own comfortable bed pillows isn’t really an option for those of us that are on-the-go, spending our time in the great outdoors. Luckily, the team at Therm-a-rest have come up with a convenient solution that is also an Earth-friendly option. The compressible pillow cinch case is made from 60 per cent recycled polyester and excess upcycled compressible foam from sleeping pad productions.

With funky prints, an adjustable cinch and compact design, the Therm-a-rest compressible pillow cinch will bring a cool, comfortable experience to your camping trips.

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Nomadix Ultralight Towel

towel swim paddle campNomadix

Whether you’re spending a weekend in the backcountry, hiking to a remote alpine lake or venturing towards the ocean, Nomadix are here to provide you with quick drying, antimicrobial towels made from recycled plastics.

When it comes to outdoor adventure, less is always more—especially when it comes to weight—that is why the Ultralight Towel should be your go-to towel for any backpacking or camping trip. If you’re heading to the coast then be sure to check out Nomadix’s changing poncho, the essential towel for any surf trip.

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Supergoop Everyday Lotion

sunscreen eco sustainableSupergoop

More than just sunscreen, this is a product not only to be used when out for a day at the beach or out exploring, but for every-day-life. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and Earth-friendly.

Supergoop is looking to change the way we look at sunscreen products. To increase awareness for us to protect our skin, in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. All product boxes are made from recycled FSC-verified stocks, with shipping boxes and packing contents being 100 per cent recyclable. Protect your skin with Supergoops everyday lotion SPF 30 with sunflower extract or check out their wide range of products suited for different skin types, tones and routines.

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Good Times Recycled Sleep Sack

sleeping bag cozy cuddle outdoorsyca.passenger-clothing.com

If you’re looking to impress your friends on your next camping trip with a fun, functional and truly unique item of clothing, then this one's for you! Passenger Clothing has come up with the crazy concept of combining a sleeping bag with a jacket—yes!—and it's got us itching for those cool spring and summer days, gathered around the campfire, immersing ourselves in the outdoors.

Made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and providing ultimate steez (effortless style) and comfort, we’re sure that this eco-friendly sleep sack just made it to the top of your wish list.

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Norrøna Falketind 35L Pack

backpack lightweight hikingwww.norrona.com

This lightweight and versatile pack is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. With a top-load entrance as well as laminated side zippers, you can easily always access anything in your pack. The Falketind is designed with comfort in mind and has many features geared towards mountaineering activities.

The Falketind 35L pack—as well as all Norrøna backpacks—puts the environment first, being made from 100 per cent regenerated nylon waste, such as discarded fishing nets from Norwegian waters, and other nylon waste from landfills.

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Nemo Tensor™ Ultralight Sleeping Pad Series

sleeping mat camping tenting eco outdoorsNemo

When exploring the outdoors, sleep isn’t only important, it is necessary. That is why Nemo brings you the Tensor™ Ultralight Series to create a better adventuring experience. This is the lightest, most technical sleeping series designed by Nemo. It is sure to keep you warm and comfortable while taking less space in your pack and less weight for your back. What makes this sleeping pad even better, is that it is made from Nemo’s 100 per cent bluesign® certified, 20D premium recycled polyester fabric.

Sleep easier at night with the Tensor Ultralight Sleeping Pad Series, knowing that you're doing your part for the environment.

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