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We’ve all heard the term “superfood” before. Often in relationship to things like acai, a berry native to south and central America, or coconut oil—maybe avocado.

All of these foods, for Canadians anyway, would need to be imported. Such is the way…

So, when I heard about a superfood that was being wild and sustainably harvested right here in British Columbia—one that can bring you increases in energy, stamina, recovery and more—I was very interested.

Have you heard of pine pollen? A powdery dust harvested from the small male cones of the lodgepole and ponderosa pine?

Maybe you’re familiar with it as part of the tree’s propagation—but as a superfood? This is where things get really interesting.

Today, my guests are Dr. Saeid Mushtagh and Burgess Andre. They are the co-founders of a company called Canadian Pine Pollen, harvesters and retailers of, among other things, pine pollen products.

And they’ve been on a journey of discovery to unlock the potential of this superfood for our benefit.

You’re gonna want to stay tuned for this one—we balance science, nature and sustainability—and if that’s not enough, I even have a special gift for you at the end of the episode.

So let’s talk pine pollen with Dr. Saeid Mushtagh and Burgess Andre.


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