Welcome to episode 30 of Explore Magazine's "Live the Adventure" Podcast.

Let's talk about bears. Those majestic, beautiful creatures that roam the wild lands of just about every region in Canada...

Those apex predators who can be misunderstood and feared by humans...

And who, due to habituation and encroachment, are every so often the subject of a dicey (or worse) human-wildlife encounter.

Today, my guest is Curtis Matwishyn. Curtis is a wildland firefighter and wildlife photographer living in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan.

As you can imagine, he's see a few bears. But one in particular resulted in a viral video and an impactful learning experience about how we as humans can better interact with bears...

...And what we NEED to carry with us when we travel in bear country.

Do you like bears? Let's get into it.


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