Welcome to episode 25 of Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Podcast. 

Travel is back. After an unprecedented and long hiatus, we are once again becoming a nation of tourists.

But what has changed? What are we looking for? Is it more of the same?

Or have we grown to better appreciate the act of tourism, the act of connection with a new land or a new culture and the act of escaping one’s everyday life?

I think we have.

And this is the nature of transformational travel—travel that is more than simply "time off work..."

...But travel that offers a rich experience and facilitates a deep connection between guest and host.

Today, my guests agree.

I’m stoked to welcome Mike Willie, owner of Sea Wolf Adventures on Vancouver Island, and Brenda Baptiste, chair of Indigenous Tourism BC, to the podcast.

Both have a lot to say about Indigenous tourism and how the act of hosting and being a guest can forge cultural connections and even play a part in reconciliation.

Let’s talk transformational travel with Mike and Brenda.

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