Podcast: The Power of Wilderness and How to Self-Publish a Book (1) (1) (1) (1)

Welcome to episode 10 of Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Podcast. 

Have you ever dreamed of merging your passions with your career? What about living a mindful, purposeful life that follows your natural flow and rhythm?

What about moving to Mexico from Quebec to start an eco-lodge? 

Today, we're chatting with Tamara Jacobi. She is the CEO of Tailwind Jungle Lodge and author of a unique new book called Wildpreneurs: A Practical Guide to Pursuing Your Passion as a Business.

And we're going to uncover how to fully realize your passions in life and in work.

In This Episode You'll Learn

  • How to follow your natural flow.
  • How to merge your passions and your career goals.
  • How to find inspiration.
  • How to live more mindfully and with purpose.
  • The role of wilderness—and wildness—in a holistic life.
  • Trials and tribulations of writing a unique book.

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