Summer Reads
Credit: David Webb

It's summer. It's sunny. Let's all relax with a good book.

Some of these will inspire you to go on an adventure. Others will help pass the time while you’re there. And some may make you think twice.


By Cheryl Strayed

Summer Reads

If she could hike the Pacific Crest Trail, imagine what you can do too.

Paddling My Own Canoe

Summer Reads

By Audrey Sutherland

A single mother of four who found the time and energy to swim the Hawaiian Islands and sail the Pacific.

Ultimate High

Summer Reads

By Goran Kropp

From Sweden to the top of the world with no help, no partners and no bottled oxygen.

Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

Summer Reads

By Ranulph Fiennes

The biography of a badass explorer who continues to push the limits at 72.

An Island to Oneself

Summer Reads

By Tom Neale

What we have all dreamed of doing, Tom Neale actually did: he spent six years living alone on a desert island.

The Alchemist

Summer Reads

By Paulo Coelho

The lone fiction in this collection, it's an allegory on what can be discovered by going alone.

A Walk in the Woods

Summer Reads

By Bill Bryson

A newbie takes on the Appalachian Trail with plenty of humour and curiosity.

Sailing Alone Around the World

Summer Reads

By Joshua Slocum

The first person to solo-sail around the world shares what he found along the way.

The Turk Who Loved Apples

Summer Reads

By Matt Gross

What happens when a travel columnist slows down and travels far.

Touching the Void

Summer Reads

By Joe Simpson

Everything that can go wrong does on a South American climbing trip.

Into the Wild

Summer Reads

By Jon Krakauer

A young man runs away to the Alaska bush. Coles Notes: don’t eat it if you don’t know what it is. 

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Summer Reads

By Aron Ralston

You don’t need two arms—and always tell someone where you’re going.


Summer Reads

By Steven Callahan

Gilligan’s Island was nothing compared to 76 days lost at sea. 

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