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A few hours earlier, we were standing in front of the luggage carousel in the hamlet of Resolute Bay, Nunavut. No more bags were cycling through, the carousel had stopped, and everyone but us had left with their...
Lately, you likely have staycation goals to get out and visit more parks within your own province, or maybe you have been itching all year to set out on a road trip. You might even be looking for interprovincial day...
It was just before 2 p.m. and the sun was already starting to dip below the low, rocky hills we were flanked by. So many off-whites and blues were laid out around us, both at our feet and in the...
I’m straddling a snowmobile behind a badass woman with a gun. We’re racing across the ice on Frobisher Bay, a section of the North Atlantic Ocean that’s solidly frozen even on this relatively balmy -7 C April day. We’re traveling...
City: Gjoa Haven Region: King William Island Province/State: Nunavut Country: Canada Difficulty Easy Time 1 hour Round Trip Distance 3 km Elevation Gain Minimal Camping No Public Transit? No Dog Friendly ? Kid Friendly ? This short, self-guided historical walking tour, managed by the hamlet of Gjoa Haven and Nunavut Parks and Special Places, chronicles the European quest for the...
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