Sunrise Kinabalu
Credit: David Webb

Book: Will to Live: Dispatches from the Edge of Survival

Life hangs in the balance in a survival situation, where one wrong decision can make the difference between living and dying. No one knows this better than Les Stroud, who has spent a lifetime surviving everywhere from the Amazon jungles to the vast Arctic tundra. In his newest book, Will to Live, Stroud calls upon his decades of survival experience to recount both famous and less-renowned survival stories while explaining what went right, what went wrong — and why. 304 pages; $22;

Book: Discover Canada

Hiking the East Coast Trail? Canoeing Saskatchewan’s Churchill River? Rafting BC’s Clearwater River? Just a taste of what’s covered in Leigh McAdam’s new book, Discover Canada: 100 Great Outdoor Adventures. The above, plus 97 others, were handpicked from McAdam’s personal experience and assembled with detailed info, difficulty ratings, logistics and factoids. Every province and territory is included — Discover Canada works just as well to inspire as it does to inform. 224 pages; $27/$10;

Travel: Borneo

If you’ve ever imagined combining a summit of a 4,100-metre mountain, a visit to an orang-utan preserve, a river cruise through a rainforest and turtle-spotting on a tropical island in one 10-day vacation, G Adventures Borneo-Sabah Adventure is for you. And it’s happening right now — with further departures throughout the year. What are you waiting for? (Discover more about this Bucket List trip in our Spring 2015 issue. Sunrise from Mount Kinabalu, pictured above.)

Cost: $1,999      Difficulty: **  Contact: