Winter Gear 2018
Credit: Adobe Stock

What do you need to go on an adventure?

A desire. The skills. A destination, or simply a journey?

And gear.

You need the right gear.

Whether your goal is to ski 50 days this year, or tackle winter camping, or just increase your fitness level, we have the gear for you below.

From winter camping, to fitness, to high-tech, to old school and more—this is the stuff that has us stoked in winter 2018: 

Mother Earth Approved

Must See: A unique waterproof jacket that's made from recycled plastic bottles.

Get Fit Today

Must See: A climbing wall you can fit in your carry-on luggage.

The Wish List

Must See: A jacket that costs more than one-thousand dollars, but is worth every penny.

Old School Charm

Must See: Sunglasses that channel the mountaineers of yore.

Cold Camping

Must See: Some of this gear is reviewed by a puppet. Seriously.

Gifts For You

Must See: Snowboard bindings that are literally changing the game.

Gifts For You, Part Two

Must See: A tent that sets-up in the back of your pickup truck.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Must See: A way you can stay motivated to get outdoors and win awesome prizes for doing so.

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