Credit: FEAT Canada

Are you planning on attending FEAT Canada 2014? FEAT is an engaging evening of expedition and adventure-themed talks, set for March 7 at Vancouver's Rio Theatre.

Here are three key speakers attendees can look forward to:

Sarah Hart
In 2006, Sarah oozed youthful over confidence. Born and raised in southern Ontario, Sarah had just moved to Vancouver, learned to traditional climb, and committed to an all-female climbing expedition to the Himalaya. She was ready to take on the mountains.

But, her ignorant over confidence took a figurative fall when she took a literal fall into a crevasse in a remote corner of southwest British Columbia. Four hours later, with a broken arm and fears of a spinal injury, Sarah was plucked from the side of the mountain by a Search and Rescue helicopter.

On that August day in 2006, everything changed. Fear entered her climbing for the first time. She couldn’t climb routes she had previously warmed-up on, without being overcome by fear — unable to climb higher, but too afraid to come down.

Since then, Sarah has sometimes failed, and sometimes succeeded climbing in the mountains of southern Patagonia, Pakistan, India, Peru and closer to home in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Join Sarah as she discusses what she’s learned about the balance of fear and confidence necessary to succeed in the mountains.

Tobin Seagel
Tobin Seagel is a professional biologist, born and raised in North Vancouver. His first love was always skiing, cutting his teeth on the local slopes of Grouse Mountain. He got distracted from skiing in his youth and spent spent many years climbing and playing field hockey, only to retire from those sports to come back to skiing with a more determined focus.

Over the past ten years, he has been freeskiing on expeditions around the world including trips all around BC, Alaska, Yukon, Baffin Island, Kashmir, Europe, and South America. Some of those expeditions have been to remote regions with little to no support…today he is here to talk to you about “Isolation”.

Alicia Woodside

In 2011, Alicia attended the first-ever FEAT Canada as an aspiring ultra runner, with a mounting desire and absolutely no experience in the sport, or in mountains. As legendary ultra runners Nicki Rehn and Gary Robbins spoke that night with tales of running hundreds of miles in the Alps, the West Coast, and the East Coast trails, she knew deep down this was it. But she hadn’t taken one step in an ultra yet, let alone hiked a mountain…

Fast-forward two years, and Alicia is already earning a reputation quite her own in this fringe sport. As “the gold shorts girl”, Alicia and her trademark gold shorts have adventured to run Rims in the Grand Canyon, explored through vast sand dunes and open steppe in Mongolia, and even led her to set a few course records in ultras all over Washington, by keeping a sense of fun at the forefront. Alicia has come to represent the fun, irreverent approach to big feats, inspiring those around her to remember the ultimate reasons why they seek physical challenges.

When she’s not running through mountains in gold shorts, Alicia invents new products on the Whitespace™ Innovation team at lululemon athletica, guides drop-in snowshoe runs at Grouse, and lives it up on the North Shore of Vancouver.

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