Credit: One Ocean Expeditions Mark Cawardine

For the second consecutive year, polar cruise specialist One Ocean Expeditions is contributing to the search of the long-lost vessels of British explorer Sir John Franklin that sunk in the Northwest Passage 170 years ago.

Mission Erebus & Terror 2015, currently taking place in the Arctic, is the follow up initiative to the Parks Canada-led 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition where one of the expedition vessels, the HMS Erebus, was successfully found.

This summer, One Ocean Expeditions has once again committed significant resources and logistical support to Parks Canada and the partners involved in this multi-year effort through development and carriage of a Parks Canada Outreach Mentor and a Northern Intern during their passenger transit of the Northwest Passage. In addition to this, the mobilization of research equipment (ROV) and archaeological containers were transited from the South to the North, as well as significant donation of necessary fuel, often hard to obtain in the Arctic. In the 2014 efforts, One Ocean Expeditions’ vessel, the One Ocean Voyager, supported the survey efforts as a support platform for the work done by the Arctic Explorer, an AUV/Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle.

 As One Ocean Expeditions’ Managing Director, Andrew Prossin said, “the significance of the Erebus last summer is of great importance to all Canadians and One Ocean Expeditions will continue to be a proud supporter and contributor in educational programs and the development of exceptional Arctic cruising experiences for generations to come.”

The development of the internship was a remarkable fit with One Ocean Expeditions commitment to support the ongoing development of tourism skills and expeditions management mentorship in Northern Communities. This joint partnership onboard the One Ocean Voyager resulted in numerous benefits realized across many parties. “I shared the Franklin Expeditions history and in return the One Ocean intern from Pont Inlet, Leslie Qammaniq, shared her culture and life as a Northerner. Leslie learned a lot and I did too, but I know the cruise passengers learned even more!” said Tamara Tarasoff, Parks Canada Mentor.

Also on board was Charles Dagneau, a Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeologists who shared his experience and provided an update on the 2015 search efforts.

One Ocean Expeditions’ is a proud partner in its support and contributions towards increasing public awareness of the mission by transporting and displaying artifacts and historically significant displays and educational tools to Arctic communities this year.

For more information on the 2015 Mission Erebus and Terror please visit Parks Canada’s site: