Frank Wolf
Credit: Frank Wolf

Do you know Frank Wolf?

He's one of Canada's most intrepid adventurers. This year alone, he ski-toured across Bylot Island, in Nunavut. This self-supported journey saw Frank and his partner summit several (likely) unclimbed peaks on this remote island north of 70 degrees.

(Readers of explore may recall this journey, as documented in the feature "Long Live the Ice Kingdom," Fall 2017.)

He also canoe-tripped for 1,200 kilometres—again, self-supported—from Labrador to Hudson Bay. It took a month. If you're interested in finding out what this epic adventure was like, grab a copy of explore's Spring 2018 issue.

He's a filmmaker and TEDx speaker. Our friends at Canadian Geographic named him one of Canada's 100 Greatest Explorers. (We agree.)

He even once canoed from Saint-John, New Brunswick, to Vancouver, British Columbia. That's 8,000 kilometres, if you're counting!

So when Frank has tips, info and advice relating to outdoor adventure—you can be assured it's coming from a reliable source.

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