This week, Kula Cloth launched a fundraiser that contributes to diversity in the outdoors. One hundred per cent of proceeds will go to organizations such as Black Lives Matters DC, Girl Ventures, Camp Founder Girls and Native Women’s Wilderness.

If you’ve peed in the outdoors, you may have heard of Kula Cloth. A staple for many thru-hikers, this absorbent, antimicrobial cloth replaces bandanas that hang off backpacks and reduces the amount of toilet paper hanging about in the outdoors.

This Kula Cloth is unique. The artwork is designed by Latasha Dunston from Jitterbug Art. The project was created in partnership with Teresa Baker, founder of the CEO Diversity Pledge.

photoKula Cloth/Jitterbug Art.

“My hope is that this fundraiser will not only immediately support organizations that are doing the work to make the outdoors more diverse and inclusive... but that this small piece of gear will become a conversation piece on trails and on backpacks around the world. Change starts with each of us. It starts right now. It starts with uncomfortable conversations and a willingness to look within,” says Anastasia Allison, founder of Kula Cloth.

“When I was in the midst of launching this business a few years ago, I wrote down a small mission statement that simply said, 'Kula will become a vehicle for good in the world.'  Kula is not mine and it never has been. It is simply a canvas on which the universe can paint its greatest hopes and dreams for the world we live in together. You don't have to own a gear company to act. You can start right now. You can look inside yourself and truly and honestly ask yourself if you are, in this moment, contributing to the problem or the solution.  When I signed the CEO Diversity Pledge, I took that seriously. As a planet, we absolutely must come together to create the world we want to live in. There is nothing more important to me than amplifying the voices of Latasha and Teresa and sharing their message.”

Kula aims to raise $10,000 on the pre-sale launch of the  “In Solidarity” Kula Cloths and stickers. The overall goal is $20,000.

Purchase the Kula Cloth here and the sticker here.

photoKula Cloth/Jitterbug Art.

100% of proceeds from this Kula for a Cause will be donated to the following organizations:

  • 15% to In Solidarity Project, CEO Diversity Pledge-The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge pairs leading outdoor brands in one-on-one relationships with inclusion advocates to advance representation for people of colour across the industry. We're focused on enhancing representation across staff and executive teams, media and marketing, and athletes/ambassadors. By building a relationship of support, empathy and understanding, versus external skepticism and internal stress, we’re moving the outdoor industry towards authentic inclusion.
  • 15% to the artist, Latasha Dunston, who has chosen to redirect her funds to Black Lives Matters DC.

The remainder to be split equally between the following organizations:

  • Girl Ventures- Inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery and collective action.
  • Get Out Stay Out/Vamos Afuera- A grassroots, Central Coast (California) non-profit, that invites Indigenous Migrant youth to run, play and discover themselves in the natural environment.
  • Camp Founder Girls- The first summer overnight camp for black girls provides an immersive week-long overnight camp centered on bravery, confidence, creativity and strength. 
  • Native Women's Wilderness- To inspire and raise the voices of Native women in the outdoor realm. To encourage a healthy lifestyle grounded in the Wilderness. To educate Natives and non-Natives on the rich beauty and heritage of the Ancestral Lands beneath our feet.